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Sterilization Box

Providing you the best range of sterilization box surgical and aluminium sterilization container with effective & timely delivery.
  • Sterilization Box Surgical
  • Sterilization Box Surgical
  • Sterilization Box Surgical
Sterilization Box Surgical

Sterilization Box Surgical

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

Tube MaterialNo tube
Country of OriginMade in India
Sterilize boxes
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  • Item Code: SAFEX-TRAY101
  • Production Capacity: 5000
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  • Aluminium Sterilization Container
  • Aluminium Sterilization Container
  • Aluminium Sterilization Container
  • Aluminium Sterilization Container
Aluminium Sterilization Container

Aluminium Sterilization Container

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

ColorRed and Black
Country of OriginMade in India

Aluminum sterilization trays are medical devices used for organizing, transporting, and sterilizing surgical instruments in healthcare settings. These trays are an essential part of the sterile processing workflow, ensuring that surgical instruments are maintained in a sterile condition before and after procedures. The use of aluminum in these trays provides durability, resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with various sterilization methods.

Key features of aluminum sterilization trays include:

  1. Material:

    • Aluminum Construction: The trays are typically made of aluminum, a lightweight yet durable material with resistance to corrosion. Aluminum trays are suitable for autoclaving and other sterilization processes.
  2. Design:

    • Perforated or Mesh Design: Many aluminum sterilization trays have a perforated or mesh design. This allows steam or gas to penetrate the tray during the sterilization process, ensuring that all surfaces of the instruments are adequately sterilized.
  3. Handles:

    • Integrated Handles: Trays may have integrated handles or grips for ease of handling and transport between different areas of the healthcare facility.
  4. Lids:

    • Lid Options: Some trays come with lids to protect the instruments during transportation and storage. The lids also help maintain the sterility of the instruments until they are ready for use.
  5. Customization:

    • Modular Design: Some trays have a modular design that allows for customization based on the specific instruments and surgical procedures. This modularity enhances flexibility in organizing trays for different surgeries.
  6. Identification Features:

    • Labeling Areas: Trays may have areas for labeling or color-coding to help identify the contents, specific procedures, or departments. Clear identification is crucial for efficient instrument tracking and organization.
  7. Compatibility with Sterilization Methods:

    • Autoclavable: Aluminum sterilization trays are designed to be autoclaved, ensuring that they can be safely reused for multiple procedures.
  8. Cleaning and Maintenance:

    • Easy to Clean: Aluminum trays are generally easy to clean and maintain, contributing to their longevity and reusability.
  9. Durability:

    • Robust Construction: The robust nature of aluminum ensures that the trays withstand the rigors of sterilization processes and daily use in healthcare environments.
  10. Cost-Effective:

    • Cost-Efficiency: Aluminum sterilization trays are often considered cost-effective due to their durability and reusability over time.

It's important to note that while aluminum is a common material for sterilization trays, the specific design features and variations in tray construction may differ among manufacturers. Healthcare facilities follow strict sterilization protocols to maintain the integrity of the trays and ensure aseptic conditions for surgical instruments in the operating room

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